It is always so hard for you to find a woman who is perfect and of good quality to date with you? If you are really so good then you can find an awesome woman to date with you. It is not an easy thing for getting a woman for dating. There are many things that the women usually expect in her men and so they always evaluate men well before they take any decision. The various scales used for evaluating men before making the decision whether to go for dating with him or not can vary from one person to another. There are still so many things that are common among the evaluation list of women. Try to develop these qualities in a better manner so that you can get the woman of your dreams to be with you. These qualities are also essential for you to make yourself really an attractive matured man.


So to keep it short: work yourself first. Make yourself the best possible version of  you, then you will not have trouble finding a girlfriend.

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  1. In marriage, both the partners shall accept the right of the other to enjoy sex with self; even then, neither should force sex on the other, nor shall hurt the feeling of the other in sex. (If one is particular, and the other is not prepared, as far as possible, better to motivate, or convince the other, and if not, as a last resort postpone with patience).
  1. Except that of their personal sexual values, that too positive values, no other sexual value shall come in their sexual affair.
  1. Any act in marital sex is not wrong so long it complies with the following conditions: –

(a)            Both are prepared for that, or atleast either has no objection for the same.

(b)           It doesn’t affect the social values outside their privacy.

(c)            It is within health norms.

  1. Motivation must invariably precede the serious sex in every instance.
  1. Enhance, in the partner’s mind, the feeling of one’s own gender, i.e. manhood or womanhood respectively, or otherwise it means that try to create being man, or woman.
  1. Satiation to their desire and expectations, and satisfaction to their personal sexual values should be the motto of their sexual interactions.
  1. Understanding the opposite’s, in general and as well in particular, physiological complementaries; especially understanding the opposite’s unique particular complementaries by appropriate handling of which yields immense pleasure and orgasm.
  1. Understanding the other’s personal sexual values and trying to meet out to the other’s satisfaction.
  1. Unusualness is the spice in the taste of sex.

10.Maintaining free communication and frank discussion about the one’s sexual needs, desire and expectations without bothering about their social values, or restrictive sexual personal values.

11.Acceptance of sexual equality for both in their privacy.

12.When the partner is very particular, yielding, or performing, to the other’s satisfaction becomes very vital in marital sex but however no partner shall exercise this right always, or often.

13.Impression, or attraction, outside privacy; and fun, frolic and enticement in their privacy create a better sexual atmosphere.

14.As far as possible, every sexual act should be limited to such a stage in tune with the purpose of approach of a partner and the moods of the both after motivation.

  1. Lastly, try to adopt the important factors for marital happiness in sexual life, and thereafter, adapt those successful factors in marital life, outside the bed.