Cold pressed juice for much better health

cold press juicers healthyCold press juicers like angel that make pressed juices are recognized to yield more healthy and better-tasting juices than other kinds of juicers. For quite a long time, this type of juicer has been regarded as an abundant man’s item and an equipment for people who love consuming uncooked foods. Occasions have changed and the cold press juicer is currently a conventional item that anybody interested to make veggie or fruit juice should have within their home.

One reason why the cold press juicers are getting to be more popular is the truth which their prices have already been considerably lowered. There is something for every wallet that was not the case a little while ago. This juicer’s main competitor is the juicer.

The distinction between Juicers and Chilly Press

Centrifugal juicers make of spinning metal blades against a filtration use and the separation of the skin from the liquid is through centrifugal-force. Cold press juicer machines first press fruits for juice or the vegetables gradually to extract the liquid. Aside from their operational structure, the difference between both is this ultimately ends up ruining some nutritional elements and that the centrifugal juicer generates some heat due to the quick spinning blades. If you’re looking for highly nourishing juices the cold press juicer does not produce any heat and is therefore urged.

Utilizes Of Chilly Press Juicers

A juicer’s fundamental use will be to produce liquid. The applying may make what is different is the sort of liquid. A cold press juicer is ideal for fruits, and green vegetables including kale, cucumber, wheatgrass, carrots and celery among numerous others. Maximum juices are extracted by the applying and does not compromise the dietary value of the extract. The juicer may also totally process nuts.

Manufacturers And Models

Like every other product, there are varying manufacturers and versions of juicer and you should take note of these manufacturers to make a choice when you’re shopping. All the manufacturers and versions have their particular advantages and drawbacks and you must proceed for one that meets with your requirements. Some of the popular manufacturers include Angel juicers, Omega dietary centre, Victor, Oscar.

Why Purchase A Chilly Press Juicer?

You then must get a cold pressed juicer for making pressed juice, should you be looking for nutritious juices from vegetables, fruits and nuts. It is noiseless and does not harm the nutrients in the foods. It is built to ensure optimum juices are expressed from your foods and is not difficult to clear and keep that.

Ramp up your vitality the spirulina way

spirulina health Changing your eating choices can appear challenging, but a chain of small measures can go a ways. There is going to be gains to these new food choices even if you simply select a few to begin. It’s simpler to take another measure once you’ve previously obtained the first, so start on the path to new you. Often times, eating better foods is the key to this. However, if you haven’t got time to be on top of it constantly supplements like that ensure your always keeping up with your essential dietary needs. Among the many health benefits of spirulina, being able to fill the gaps in your diet is a major selling point.

It’s not just a key that it’s healthy to eat more fruits, wholegrains and vegetables, but folks still do not do it. The trouble is, many people just do not locate these meals as tempting as less healthful choices. If you only plan your meals to be depending on the healthful foods then including in even more unhealthy meals is not a issue. So quite simply you must believe concerning including healthier foods in your diet, instead of merely eliminating the foods that you adore altogether. You will not have much room left for harmful snacks and desserts if you begin to eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Greens such as spirulina are important too. More information on this can be found at Increasing the options of healthful meals over period is possible as the more wholesome foods you consume the more of a taste you develop for them, believe it or not.

While it usually takes more function, preparing and eating at house is so much better for you than heading out to eat. Whether you head to restaurants or purchase take from fast food places or food shops, you often don’t realize how many calories your consuming or how healthy the food is. When you buy each of the fixings from scratch, you have a lot more control. If there’s a meal you love-but it’s generally harmful, you’ll be able to play around and discover some alternative ingredients. This can also be tremendously nice on your billfold. Investing a day cooking meals for the week may be exhausting, but it can help you stay to not eating at restaurants. Once you are busy, it is simple to make the justification that you simply need to eat out, but not if you take one-night to preparing foods for the week.

One of the ways to eat a healthier diet would be to include more raw-foods into your daily meals, as several experts believe that food preparation reduces their nutritional value. Of all the trendy diets, one is the raw food diet, this can be a disproportionate manner to eat and most wouldn’t attempt it. In reality, it’s not crucial to eat just raw-foods to so that you can have optimum health. Nuts, fruits, berries, vegetables and many other meals are contained in the raw food directory. Some raw-foods diet plans additionally let raw dog products, including cheese, dairy and maybe even beef and fish (though you must be cautious as it pertains to uncooked meat). Raw foods usually are not considered cooked until they’ve been heated above 104 degrees. All it takes is the first momentum to begin eating healthy to get you going. People that are accustomed to a normal modern diet that’s full of sugar, fat and carbohydrates will have a challenge in the beginning, but also then it’s possible to wean yourself from these types of meals. The advantageous physical consequences, once you obtain them, may inspire one to continue on this particular wholesome diet.

What’s a better form of protein – spirulina or whey?

Recently, we wrote about protein supplements. In particular, we promoted the whey variety. It’s just been brought to our attention that whey may not be the greatest alternative. Granted, many studies have proven its efficacy in providing people with absorbable protein in significant concentrations.

Recently, however, I read the following article at which made a great point about whey protein. Kimberly noted that the stickiness of whey and water mixed is what goes into your system when taking whey products. That really is concerning. Her summary of other plant based alternatives was really helpful. We thought it would be useful to our readers to get a similar summary.

Although whey is convenient and does its job, is it really healthy? What does that sticky residue do to our insides? Are there natural alternatives? What should you be using for your protein supplement?

spirulina or whey

Plant based proteins

Hemp protein

Hemp protein is completely natural. It contains the main amino acid profile required of good quality protein. It has been used for a long time by people wanting to get protein but who also suffer various allergies. It contains a high concentration of protein and is well absorbed by the body.

Pea protein

Pea protein is relatively new and all natural! It is well absorbed by the body. It’s amino profile is not all that complete. It can be used to make a jam type solution as well.

Spirulina and chlorella

Spirulina and chlorella are great for people in the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. They are natural whole food sources of protein that come from ocean based plants. In fact, they are considered an algae. Fortunately, they are very well absorbed by the body because they are essentially a proper food source. There are other benefits to taking these supplements other than for protein. They contain many other essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, NASA and the World Health Organisation have touted spirulina as being the most useful food for space missions and for ending world hunger.

Sprouted brown rice protein

This form of protein is derived from brown rice in the whole grain variety. It contains a full amino acid profile, which makes it a complete source of protein. It is well balanced against some other non essential aminos as well. Proteins in this group have been noted for their protein content. Whey protein contains a high percentage of protein. However, this form could be a good alternative given that it has around 85 percent protein. Also, given its a natural food it is kind to the liver and other aspects of digestion. Not all forms of rice protein are created equal though. Some are made using a chemical based process. The ones you should look for have been made using natural enzymes during production. When made this way it is considered properly natural.
At Pharmatia we just want you to be healthy. We hope you’re able to choose a protein product that you’ll best benefit from. The natural protein supplements we’ve described are great. The reason is that they’re all much more like natural whole foods. In fact, spirulina and chlorella are just that. Your body and your muscles will thank you for taking them. We promise.

Stability Training and Your Workout

Stability training has historically been used for rehabilitation purposes but now is getting more and more popular with athletes to increase balance, agility and core strength. In order to do stability training, you need to utilize a bosu ball, wobble board or exercise ball.


You’re probably already familiar with exercise balls, but in case you’re not familiar with the rest, let’s discuss these other pieces of exercise equipment. A bosu ball is that thing you’ve seen at the gymthat looks like half of a small exercise ball because it has a flat side. They can be found at places like A wobble board is that square board that you can stand on with a ball in the middle. Chances are, you’ve seen people at your gym using these. But you might ask yourself, “What are they doing?” and “Should I be doing it too?”

In order to figure out if you should integrate stability training into your workout, read more about the benefits and what you should know before you begin below.

Benefits of Stability Training

Increase core strength

Stability training can help increase your core strength and lower body strength. The great part is that athletes of all levels can use stability training in their routine workouts. In fact, beginning stability training is even used on the elderly to help them regain mobility.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Increasing strength within individual muscle groups can help ward off injury in those areas. One of the most common causes for stability training is to help people who have suffered ankle sprains, strains and torn ligaments avoid similar injuries in the future. Stability training allows these people to strengthen areas that are weakened by injury so that their athletic performance doesn’t suffer.


This is an underrated component to any workout plan, but getting and staying fit should be fun! If it’s not fun, you won’t want to do it. So, if your normal gym routine is getting stale, you can mix it up with some stability training.

What You Should Know Before You Begin

Weight Differences

Lifting weights while on a bosu ball is definitely not a beginner move, so if you’re just getting started with stability training, hold off on trying this for a little bit. When you do decide to integrate weights into your stability training, keep in mind that you will not be able to handle as much weight as you can on stable ground.

Workout Diversity

Stability training should not completely replace your regular workout. Incorporate stability training into your regimen in moderation rather than making it your entire workout.

Safety When Exercising

Some pieces of stability training equipment are better for certain conditions. Bosu balls are better for people with knee issues while wobble boards are better for people with ankle issues. Ask your doctor, chiropractor or personal trainer before using a stability training device for the first time.

Now that you have a sense of how stability training can help your overall fitness, grab a bosu ball and get started!

Garcinia cambogia: The secret to your weight loss glory

garcinia cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia (also see is also known as Garcinia Gummi-Gutta. It’s a tropical growing fruit that comes from Indonesia originally. Over time it’s managed to gather plenty of interest and a whole host of different names as well. These include brindall berry, malabar tamarind, gambooge, garcinia cambogia, assam fruit, vadakkan puli (northern tamarind), brindleberry and kudam puli. It takes a yellowy shade with a green tinge. It’s also shaped like a pumpkin. It’s become very popular in recent times for its weight loss benefits. There is a lack of evidence to support these claims at this time. Though Dr. Oz would likely disagree.

Finding authoritative information and product you can trust is challenging with this supplement. Even though the US is awash with it a lot of people want to know about garcinia cambogia Australia and where to get it.

How is Garcinia Cambogia produced?

Garcinia Cambogia or gummy-gutta grows wild throughout India, Africa, and south east asia. As mentioned it’s tropical which means that it thrives in wet rain forests. It actually comes from a family of similar Garcinia trees known as the Guttiferae family of species. They generally range in size from that of an apple through to about the size of a large mango. They have a thin outer layer and deep ridges or an undulating surface. Some people say it can look like a yellow, or sometimes greeny or even red pigmented pumpkin. Amazingly the color tends to vary radically according to subspecies and location and conditions of growth. After they are harvested, cured and dried in preparation for consumption as a supplement they tend to go a dark brown or even black.

It’s not only used as a weight loss supplement according to weight loss company Garcinia Cambogia Australia HQ. A common question amongst westerners regarding garcinia cambogia is where to buy it in Australia for the purpose of weight loss. However, in places like India, where it’s also known as ‘Malabar tamarind it is used in tamarind cooking. It can give food particularly curries a souring taste which can balance out the spices in a nice complimentary way.

That’s interesting, tell me more about cooking with Garcinia Cambogia?

Throughout Asia it’s used in any number of dishes. It’s popular in curries. A lot of food recipes use the fruit rind from Garcinia Cambogia. Countries in which it’s used a lot are Thailand, Malaysia, India, and Burma and other countries in the region. Indians believe it aids digestion and is often used to compliment curry dishes over there. In Southern Thai cooking it is utilized as a way of adding a sour flavor to dishes. In Sri Lanka they tend to use it when cooking fish dishes.

What about the medicinal benefits of Garcinia Cambogia?

In addition to cooking, it’s also used to make various medicinal remedies.

One of the most popular remedial uses for garcinia is weight loss according to website If you’re interested in where to buy garcinia cambogia in Australian stores online you can visit them today. When Dr Oz featured it as a weight loss supplement on his TV show in 2012 the world went nuts for this fruit in supplement form. Whilst research does not exist in great enough mass to conclude that it is beneficial to this end there are countless anecdotes and testimonials throughout the internet attesting to its weight loss effect. It seems from users of this substance that if you use it with exercise and a good diet it can add a booster to your weight loss efforts. However, users should not expect to go  from being morbidly obese to skinny with such a supplement alone. It seems to be great for people who are already motivated to train and eat well. They are probably already looking pretty good. When they take it it suppresses their hunger more. They eat less and are able to rip up and overcome that last layer of skin fold that’s keeping them from achieving their dream beach body.

In terms of research though, there have been some positive results. One such study took place in 1998. 135 participants were given the active substance. It was concluded that it did not produce significantly more weight loss than that which was also observed in the placebo group. In addition, there have been no dangerous side effects reported to date.

Click here for more information about this weight loss product or to buy some for yourself.

You may also like to hear about what people who have tried it are actually saying. Even though the evidence for its effectiveness is too little to draw conclusive statements about it there’s a plethora of glowing reviews out there on the internet. So here’s one of them below…

African mango: More than a sweet fruit

weight loss diet

Continuing the trend of well known fruits that are becoming names for weight loss supplements is African Mango. In this article we will discuss some of the benefits to taking African Mango to help you evaluate whether it’s worth the investment.

What on earth is the African Mango diet?

This has become something of a buzz word at the moment. The African Mango Diet consists of, not eating mango in order to lose weight but rather taking a new supplement by the name of African Mango to lose weight.

Isn’t this just another fad?

Julie Chen MD wrote a great article making this assessment herself in the Huffington Post. She cited a study in which the participants did experience changes associated with weight loss and fat burning. However, it was concluded that it was the fibre rather than the purported active ingredient that helped people to lose weight. She said that the same could be achieve with normal organic foods which is the healthier and cheaper route that she encourages her patients to take.

She had same great ways of seeing supplements more generally as well. She said that they can be great for augmenting an already great diet and exercise routine and should be used as a gap filler rather than a one stop solution to say weight loss for example.

She said it isn’t necessarily a fad but to always seek a medical opinion first. That’s definitely something we would say too. Don’t whatever you do just dive straight into African Mango without doing your due diligence first. More to the point, get your die and exercise sorted first before doing anything else. You may surprise yourself and get the results you were after anyway.

How does it work and does it work?

African Mango contains a large portion of B vitamins. This helps your body to boost its metabolism.

Studies show that on average people lose between five and ten pounds within 30 days of beginning a course of African Mango. According to Dr. Oz this supplement can really benefit over 40s to lose weight.

So yes it’s great that African Mango can offer a genuine solution to weight loss problems. Be careful though. Some contain additive and fillers. Others have been mixed with other vitamins and minerals. Don’t go for these as the don’t contain enough African Mango for you to get the job done. They also rely on this marketing tactic where they’ll pack heaps into one pill and argue that they are selling a turbocharged solution due to the sheer number or combination of brilliant vitamins. Only go for pure African Mango product please.

A study in the USA that gave participants 150mg of African Mango extract twice daily found significant weight loss improvements in their subjects. Body fat, body weight, and waist circumference were all improved on. Evidence also emerged that it can help to modulate cholesterol and heart rate and may improve diabetes as well. So not only can it help to lose weight but may be beneficial to these areas of health as well. It’s no wonder Dr. Oz recommends it for people over 40. This group often face issues with heart health, cholesterol and other similar issues. For those in this group wanting to lose weight they can use African Mango and improve these other areas too. What a great product.

Does African Mango have side effects?

According to Dr. Obden African tribes have been eating african mango for centuries. She puts their slim weight down to this fact too. She says that no side effects have been reported to date. She even claims that it makes people feel sexier and may increase libido.

So our verdict is that this is a great supplement for weight loss. If you’re interested in purchasing some visit African Mango Tango in Australia for more information.

Now learn what Dr. Oz said about African Mango in this vid